"My Gimborn experience" του κ. Παργινού Χρήστου, Γ' Αντιπροέδρου της Τ.Δ. Ιωαννίνων της Δ.Ε.Α.

Δεκ 05, 2017

"My Gimborn experience"



 Gimborn Castle is a place, where police officers of all ranks meet, exchange experiences and learn together.

I attended a seminar about :

Cybercrime, Cyber Threats and Cyber Terrorism

From 20-11-1017 to 24-11-2017

All the speakers were specialized and very contagious with the issues they presented. The topics, analyzed in a unique way, gave us the opportunity to understand plenty of things about the cyberworld and how the crime can be introduced into this world. We also had a constructive conversation about the topics above.

Close to the conference centre there is the Gimborn Scholßhotel, a place where you can taste traditional German food. Moreover, there is a full-equiped gym and a sauna. Near to the castle, there is an extensive network of hiking trails leading through nature.

The International Police association undertakes to facilitate international co-operation through friendly contacts between police officers of all continents and to contribute to a mutual understanding of professional problems.

All the participators, based on this undertaking, succeeded, in a few days, to create strong friendship with each other and have a great time during the seminar.

I would recommend it without any doubt to any IPA member.

Last but not least,special thanks to the Hellenic National section,which accepted my application to participate to this seminar.

I had the uncompromising support from the first moment,that I filled the form,to the last moment I came back.


                                                                                Christos Parginos

                                                                            I.P.A.Region of Ioannina

Details of the seminars available at Gimborn are available from Hellenic National Section or by visiting the IBZ Gimborn web site.

Also visit us:       ipa-ioannina.blogspot.com




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